liposuction atlanta Safety Concerns

Does safety play a role in which liposuction procedure you should select?

It does, and here’s why. SmartLipo is the safest of all liposuction options. This 21st century procedure was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2006. Just how safe is it? Since its FDA approval SmartLipo has never had a serious or life threatening complication. Chief among the reasons for this stellar safety record is that Smart Lipo is performed using local anesthesia rather than the more common general anesthesia that accompanies many of the traditional liposuction procedures. Since being introduced to the United States in 2005 SmartLipo has earned a reputation nationwide for its safety.

When traditional liposuction is performed using either a local or a general anesthesia there can be significant complications. These include anesthesia reactions, organ puncture, infection, blood clots, severe hematomas, and contour irregularities. In fact the nationwide mortality rate for all procedures done using a general anesthesia is 3 – 5%. It stands to reason that simply avoiding general surgery is in your best interest.

Add to this startling statistic some of the other known side effects possible when undergoing traditional liposuction gives one cause to think. Incidents of excessive bleeding, surgical scarring, incision infection, and reactions to medications all add up to red flags that you need to openly discuss with your physician.


SmartLipo Atlanta practitioners enjoy the liposuction atlanta in the United States. You, as a perspective patient, need to ask the tough questions of your treating physician. A question like how safe is the procedure? What is your success rate with this procedure? What is the safest possible method should I choose liposuction? These are important questions and deserve both your attention and the attention of your physician.


Atlanta Ultherapy: Skin Tightening Procedure

Ultherapy is a procedure that we’ve been doing for a little over six months. It’s really revolutionary, we’ve been quite excited about it. It’s non-invasive and non-surgical and it really allows us to treat a whole segment of patients that we really didn’t have great treatments for prior to Ultherapy. It’s really been helpful for two kinds of patients. One is the quite young patient that’s basically 40 years old and wants a face lift. Of course they don’t need a face lift, but they do have some early aging, maybe they’re 45 with some early jowling or some real elasticity in the neck. For those folks, this has been a really excellent treatment. One treatment is all it takes and they get nice results. It’s also in and out. It’s been good.

The second category of patients we’ve found to be able to help are patients who have already had face lifts and other procedures but they would like to just have a little tune up or touch up, and for those patients also, a little touch up in the neck, jowls, or mini brow lift it’s been useful.

The reason we like the treatment so much is that it’s really useful because it works with ultrasound and we all know that ultrasound works with everything from diagnosing babies to other kinds of tumors. Basically, it goes through the skin without damaging the skin at all but it focuses deeper. We have two settings that are both quite deep (4.5 millimeters and 3 millimeters). What that means is we can tighten the deeper layers where it focuses and that really allows us to get some long-lasting tightening.


The individuals in the early studies that helped Ultherapy get FDA-approved were done mainly in the brow and they noticed relatively long term results, about 6.5 millimeters in brow elevation. It’s quite significant.

Another thing that we really like about it is that it allows us to see what we’re treating with the help of the ultrasound machine. We can see bone, we can see soft tissue. This way, we can tailor our treatment to specific areas of the face. For more information about Ultherapy Atlanta, visit http://slimplasty.com/ultherapy-atlanta/


Fat Freezing with Coolsculpting Atlanta

Since I recently had my second child, my stomach is just not being what it was. I used to have a naturally flat stomach but I just found that lumps and bumps in weird places that were never there before and I really lost my waist. I then started working with Coolsculpting and it’s been miraculous in terms of what it can achieve in fat reduction with those really tough to get rid of places. I thought, who better to try it out than with Coolsculpting Atlanta who is the leading Coolsculpting practitioner in Atlanta.

So, I’ve given it a go and I’ve had three treatment sessions so far and I have to say the one thing it has done, it has given me back my waist. I’ve gone from being straight up and down to finally having that dip back in the middle where it looks best. I’m still exercising. I’m still eating healthy. This is not a quick fix “lose your flab treatment.” But what it is, is it will definitely help sculpt your body back into shape. It’s really ideal for people like me who have had a baby and really want to regain their feminine form.

Now in terms of what the treatment was like, sometimes it was pretty much just lying on a bed and reading a book (really comfortable, no pain, no discomfort, and really easy). In other parts, such as in front of the stomach in my experience, sometimes it was quite uncomfortable but you know, it was one hour of my life and the results were really worth it.

coolsculpting machine

When I got home, I had a bit of swelling for perhaps up to five days, but nothing that stopped me from doing anything in my life. I had no pain. I had a little bit of bruising but that disappeared in a few days so in terms of downtime, there really is none. In terms of the results, it’s absolutely worth that one hour even if it is a little bit uncomfortable at the time. Even if you do have a little bit of bruising and swelling afterwards, as far as I’m concerned, the benefits far outweigh any minor side effects that one might experience.

In a nut shell, I haven’t dropped a dress size. I didn’t want to drop a dress size. But what I have achieved is I’ve really redefined my shape. I’m back to where I was before I had children. I now have a waist. In terms of working as a stylist, it’s really important that I look good in the clothes that I wear. I went from always wearing waisted belts to really capitalizing on my waist and creating an hour-glass shape to almost going straight up and down and losing my feminine curve. That limited the clothes that I could wear. Now I feel like I’m back to my old self.


Forget normal wedding rings!

I’m not a typical guy and Ali wasn’t a typical girl, so I don’t suppose that we have a relationship that wouldn’t be considered anything but. We were both the type of people who questioned the status quo and opposed traditional, close-minded, non-progressive thought and practices. I listened to punk rock and was an anarchist when I was a teenager so I was all about anti-establishment, but I soon learned in early adulthood that having an openly bad attitude about everything wasn’t good for business so I sold out, as they say. I put on a shirt, tie, and mens gold chains and went to work because I didn’t think that I was doing anything better with my life and I wanted to be able to afford to take a girl out that I’d had my eye on.

gold chain for menThat girl turned out to be Ali, we got together over five years ago after I took her out to dinner with my first paycheck. I don’t think we’ve spent more than a handful of nights apart ever since. After a couple years of being with her, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her but I didn’t think that we necessarily had to do the traditional routine involving an engagement ring, a wedding and a reception. She didn’t feel the need to define our union in a legal sense either so there wasn’t really an issue at the time. But, as time passed, we talked more and more about having kids and had recently decided that we were going to do it. I expressed to her that I thought that maybe we should get married if we were going to have kids, because I thought that it would be easier to build a family framework using the same name as a foundation. She was initially surprised by the entire idea and a bit put off but I explained that it didn’t have anything to do with god, religion, tradition or societal norms.

It was about family and it was that simple, if her and I were going to combine our DNA and bring a child into this earth, that child was going to know that we were their family if for nothing else, because we shared the same name. I added that it would get exhausting dealing with all the misconceptions, assumptions and inconveniences associated with having different last names once the kid or kids were in school and all that. I could see that she was thinking so I let her be, just then a jewelry store commercial came onto the TV that was advertising bracelets, necklaces and wedding bands. I thought it was funny and normally I would have made mention of such a coincidence but this was a crucial moment and I wanted her to know that I was serious. I think that she feels that taking my name would rob her of some sense of independence so I prepared myself for the possibility that her compromise might include me taking her last name instead of her taking mine.